Taste of Europe

Taste of Europe – When Excellence and Quality Meet the World has a very precise goal: communicate and promote the goodness and quality of excellent European foodstuffs overseas, especially those from the five Emilia-Romagna consortiums, the project’s protagonists. The target audiences are Americans and Canadians involved in direct promotion activities and online communication campaigns, through which they learn about European quality designations – DOP, IGP and STG – that distinguish the consortiums’ products. 

These very brands of European quality are explored in the questionnaire created by Taste of Europe; in particular, the questionnaire aims to analyse the knowledge and impressions of the non-EU audience in relation to these brands.

The questionnaire itself is preceded by a short form requesting personal details such as country and city of origin, age and sex. The questions are very simple and require a yes or no answer. The first four relate to consumers’ experiences regarding European quality designations; they are asked if they have ever heard of them, ever seen them on a label and if they have ever purchased a product featuring the DOP, IGP or STG logo.

Another three questions concentrate on consumers’ perceptions, and ask if they consider the DOP, IGP and STG brands to be synonymous with quality, whether they think they are an important factor capable of influencing their buying choices and lastly, if they would be willing to spend more for a certified product.

The sixth question is also important, since it seeks to understand how much awareness exists around European quality designations: are consumers able to check if a product has one?

The questionnaire is available on our website and can be filled in at any time. We invite you to give us your feedback: all contributions are valuable to us and help us to improve every day.