Reggiani wines

Taste of Europe

Intriguing, impatient and little inclined to classification, Reggiani DOC wines are protected and promoted by the Consorzio per la tutela dei Vini DOC “Reggiani” and “Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa”, founded in March 2001 by the unification of the two associations that give it its name.

The name “Reggiano DOC” indicates numerous wines: Reggiano Lambrusco, sparkling Reggiano Lambrusco, latest-vintage Reggiano Lambrusco, sparkling latest-vintage Reggiano Lambrusco, Reggiano Lambrusco spumante, Reggiano Lambrusco Salamino, sparkling Reggiano Lambrusco Salamino, Reggiano red, sparkling Reggiano red, latest-vintage Reggiano red, and Reggiano white spumante. These variants are obtained from different types of grapes, all belonging to the great Lambrusco family.

With the exception of Reggiano white spumante, the colour of these wines varies from rosé to deep ruby red, with a cheerful and irresistible foam, while their fragrance is distinguished by its pleasant notes. Also unique and unmistakable is the flavour: dry, sweet, harmonious, fresh and sparkling, with a body which is not too pronounced.
Thanks to these characteristics, the Reggiani DOC wines well accompany many traditional dishes of Emilia Romagna, their region of origin: cold cuts, cheeses and meat of various types, such as boiled meats, roasts and game. They are irresistible with pistachio nuts, ideal with desserts and are a perfect accompaniment for orecchiette and tagliatelle pasta dishes. A word that well describes these wines is versatility.

This Consortium also protects the wines that come under the name “Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa”, which are also very numerous: Sauvignon, Malvasia, Pinot, Chardonnay, Malbo Gentile and Spergola are just a few examples. These wines normally have a more or less straw yellow colour, a delicate and aromatic bouquet and a dry, harmonious and full-bodied taste.