Lambrusco&Romagna Sangiovese Day

Taste of Europe

The Lambrusco&Romagna Sangiovese Day will be held on 22 November in Montreal during the annual Wine and Travel Italy event. The day's goal is to present these wines to agents and sommeliers, but also to consumers, the media and influencers. Three distinct activities have been envisaged to more specifically address the various channels of interest in a diversified and effective manner.

Sector operators are invited to participate in a tasting, during which they will be guided and helped by expert staff while tasting representative samples of different DOC wines from Lambrusco (Sorbara, Santa Croce, Modena and Grasparossa di Castelvetro) and from Romagna (Romagna Albana DOCG and Romagna Sangiovese DOC). Brochures will be distributed as well, in addition to illustrative videos presenting the territories where the Lambrusco and Romagna Sangiovese wines are produced. The ambitious objective is therefore to contribute by providing information to agents, furthering their knowledge of the characteristics and specificities of these wines.

The media, influencers and sommeliers will instead enjoy a highly interactive meeting offered in collaboration with Ateliers&Saveurs, a cooking school in North America. A theoretical introduction will be followed by a more applicative phase, during which the participants will receive guidelines for successfully pairing the wines with dishes, and lastly there will be time for discussion and networking.

Finally, consumers (especially those in the category of the so-called millennials) will be offered a promotional event where Lambrusco and Romagna Sangiovese will respectively be accompanied by the tigella and piadina, typical bread products of the Emilia Romagna Region that are still very little known in Canada. In addition to wine, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Prosciutto di Modena PDO will also be enhanced by including the products in the evening's menu.