DOP Prosciutto of Modena

Taste of Europe

The Consortium for Modena Prosciutto carries on the tradition and taste of Modena’s DOP Prosciutto, and its promotion throughout the world. Formed as a volunteer organisation in 1969, its mission was to protect the product’s nutritional and gastronomic value.

Indeed, Modena’s DOP Prosciutto is characterised by a wine-red colour, and sweet and intense aroma. It is savoury without being salty and has high nutritional value. With no additives or preservatives, and with a balance of protein, fat, and vitamins, Modena’s DOP Prosciutto is a lean meat that is gentle on the stomach. These qualities ensure consumers are enjoying an authentic and healthy Italian delicacy.

How does Modena DOP Prosciutto reach these standards of excellence? Thanks to a careful and regulated production process, which starts with the finest ingredients. We use only pork sourced and raised in Italy in accordance with the Protected Designation of Origin standards for this unique product. The first step is the trimming phase, when the fresh meat is trimmed of all excess fat and a portion of the rind. It is at this stage that it takes on its characteristic oblong shape. Next, the meat is dry-salted in two stages, and then aged for at least 14 months.

The Protected Designation of Origin for Modena Prosciutto requires that a series of brands and seals be placed on the product at various inspection phases. These marks are necessary to obtain the controlled-origin brand at the end of the ageing process. This brand is a guarantee for the consumer on the provenance of the meat.

To be marked as a protected-origin (“DOP”) food, it is not enough that a Modena Prosciutto producer’s ingredient comply with the Protected Designation of Origin standards and criteria. The geographic provenance of this delicacy is also crucial. Indeed, there must be a strong tie between where the prosciutto is produced, and the geographic area in which such production takes place.
Modena DOP Prosciutto can only be produced in a small area that stretches from the hills above, into the valleys around the Panaro river. This includes the provinces of Bologna and Reggio Emilia.