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Consorzio Tutela del Lambrusco di Modena

Is a non-profit association for the protection and promotion of the Lambrusco Protected Designation of Origin.

Lambrusco is a wine with peculiar characteristics: inimitable, totally original, extraordinary and probably unique among all the wines. Just think about it: a sparkling red wine!

Its unique characteristics probably result from the extraordinary combination of Emilia-Romagna soil, weather and people: an odd mix of cordiality and kindness combined with candor and frankness.
The entire Emilia-Romagna is very proud of Lambrusco, so much so that for the local people it is not only a product to be consumed, but also an object of affection. Modena is the birthplace and homeland of Lambrusco, as attested in a wide collection of historic documents. Lambrusco is the name of a group of vines sharing a common origin, all similar but not identical.
Thanks to its joyful, pleasant and versatile character, perfect for every situation, Lambrusco has successfully established its reputation well outside Emilia-Romagna. It is not by chance that starting from the 70s it quickly became the world’s best known and most consumed Italian wine. It is a cheerful wine, with a lively effervescence that puts a smile on everybody’s face. From its antique and noble origins Lambrusco has undergone, over the years, a slow evolution which sharpened and enhanced its characteristics without introducing any substantial modifications.

Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC (Designation of Controlled Origin)

It is produced from theLambrusco di Sorbara indigenous vine variety, credited with ancient origins. With its light ruby red color and slightly pink foam, it is the lightest of the four varieties of Lambrusco PDO from the province of Modena. This wine has a fresh, pronounced yet very fine bouquet, with a distinct violet note, which represents its most typical and unmistakable characteristic. It has a delicate, sapid, harmonious flavor with a pleasant tanginess and a delicate and fruity aroma. With its notable acidity and not very pronounced body, this is a wine of easy and very pleasant drink to be consumed young.

Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce

It is derived from the vine of same name, the Lambrusco Salamino. The Product Specification allows a small percentage of other Lambrusco varieties, as well as Ancellotta and Fortana. Its color is an intense ruby red, its foam has purplish edges, and purple is also the wine tinge. The bouquet is fresh, refined, persistent, fruity, with a characteristically intense vinous aroma, reminiscent of ripe fruit. With a sapid, harmonious, slightly tart, fresh and pleasantly vinous flavor, this wine has a medium yet rightfully balanced body and moderate alcohol grade. Its spirited, sincere and non-committal character makes for an easy and pleasant drink that suits every palate, pairing perfectly with the “pasta asciutta” typical of Emilia cuisine, as well as with more robust dishes, in particular roasted white meat or pork.

Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC

This wine is produced from the Lambrusco Grasparossa vine. The Production Specification allows for the mixing in moderate percentage, at the planting level, with other varieties of Lambrusco, Fortana or Malbo Gentile. This wine has an intense ruby red color, with a purplish tinge and a fleeting effervescence of the same hue. Its bouquet is intensely vinous, fruity, fragrant, complex, with an aroma reminiscent of grape.
The dry variety has a sapid, harmonious, pleasantly vinous, slightly fruity flavor, with a balanced acidity and a pleasant bitterish finish. It is a well-structured wine with a good texture. Amongst all the varieties of Lambrusco PDO, this is the one with the fullest and most pervading body. It can be splendidly paired with first courses served with meat sauce, baked pasta, roasts, cold cuts, fermented and non-fermented cheeses and in general with all traditional first courses of Emilia’s regional cuisine. The “amabile” variety has an intense and markedly fruity fragrance. Its flavor is vinous, slightly sweet, harmonious and very pleasant. Best served as an aperitif, it is also a perfect match for dry pastries and the typical desserts of Modena.

Lambrusco di Modena DOC

The historic origin of the “Modena” or “di Modena” denomination has been positively traced back to the mid-1800’s, thanks to a production methodology specific for the blending of the various Lambrusco grapes traditionally grown in the Modena province.